Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sisal Bowls

I've been creating a few Pinterest inspired projects for our cottage in Prince Edward Island. I am sharing some sisal bowls I created that were inspired by Hi Sugarplum and Brit + Co.  I have to say they turned out quite well and were pretty easy.
For the large bowl, which is about 6" in diameter, I used a terra cotta saucer (like you put put under a plant pot...what do you call those things?). I started by adhering the rope around the base of the saucer with my glue gun and worked around until it was the size I wanted. I have put some shells I collected from the beach in this bowl.

For the small bowl, which is about 4" in diameter, I just used the rope and started rolling it into a circle for the base then started stacking the rows of rope on top of the base. I placed sea glass that I have collected in this bowl and glued one of the starfish (that I collected and dried) onto the front of the bowl.

So....successfully nailed some Pinterest projects.

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